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Lady Amy was not going to let anything get in the way of her and her fetish. She had tried to tell her friends about it but they found it too gross for them. They chose to let her do her thing. She took a video of how she spat on her sole and got this loser to do lick and swallow it and then sent it to her friends.

Mistress Natasha was offended by her neighbor and she did not want to take it lying down. She chose to humiliate him by spitting on him. She threw him down and she facesat on him before she spat into his mouth. She even brushed her teeth and then spat into his mouth and the poor guy had to swallow for him to be forgiven. The guy never offended her again.

Mistress Ava Black realized that this guy wanted to have a threesome with her and her friend and she was offended. She would not have fucked him even if he wanted her alone, but she took advantage of him wanting to fuck both of them to dominate him. She invited her friend and they laid a trap for him and when he took the bait, they enjoyed dominating him. They spat into his mouth and he swallowed it among other things.

This mistress loves to spit and she does it because she knows how disgusting and degrading it is. Whenever she is bored or she wants to torture someone, that is what she does. She chose to spit on her boots today and she got this loser to lick them. The poor guy had no choice but to endure the humiliation of being made to lick her dirty boots plus the spit on it.

Princess Nicole is a hot and horny mistress. She loves to play with herself and she does not care wherever she is. As long as she feels like doing it, she will do it. That is what she did today as she relaxed outside her house. She used her saliva as lube and she enjoyed playing with her clit and her pussy while completely naked. She did this till she came.

Mistresses Jess, Angie and Victoria had a bone to pick with this guy. He had been a pain in the ass for them and they did not want to let him off the hook yet. He had to learn that they were not people to mess with and get away with it. So the mistresses chose to use humiliation as opposed to pain to teach him a lesson. He was made to drink and swallow their saliva.

To make sure this loser did not piss her off again, this mistress used her saliva to send a message. She made him lick her saliva and he had no choice but to do it. She watched as he licked it and he nearly threw up but she forbade him from doing it. She told him if he did, he would have to endure the torture she would subject him to as well as lick and swallow his own vomit.

Goddess Vanny felt that this loser did not deserve to get what he had gotten from her. She had given him some gifts because she felt he had performed well but he turned out a disappointment shortly after and she was not happy. She made him lick the soles of her high heels and she spat into his mouth to show him that she was not pleased with his performance, which had to change.

Lady Zora was surprised to learn that this guy had not completed the work she had given him. She was disappointed in him and she had to make sure he did not do that again. She turned him into a spit slave as well as her human ashtray. He was degraded as he was in pain but to her, that did not matter. She wanted it never to happen again.

Mistress Tiffani was so angry at her slave that she felt she had to degrade her. She was not interested in inflicting pain. She felt it would be better to humiliate her instead. And that is what she did. The mistress cruelly forced her to lick her saliva from her insoles. Mistress Tiffani then made her lick her feet as well as her socks after she had licked her saliva.

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