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This guy had his eyes on this mistress and when he realized that she did not feel him, he started to stalk her. But she did not want anything to do with him and she was even more angered when she realized that he was stalking her. So she cruelly degraded him with her spit fetish and ensured he would never stalk her again. He had to lick her saliva and her sweaty feet to get the message.

When mistress Jane and mistress Betty realized that this girl was flirting with their men, they had to dominate her and they did so using their spit. She was turned into a spit slave and she had to lick their saliva and also be their human ashtrays as they wanted her to feel a little pain in the process. She did everything that they wanted because she knew refusal would anger them more.

Lady Stefanie had to degrade this guy to send a message to him and those who are like him that she does not entertain people committing wrongs on purpose. And that if anyone does that, he or she would be punished. So the mistress went ahead to make an example of the guy by spitting on him as well as cruelly turning the guy into a human ashtray before she finished her punishment.

This guy was a coward and these mistresses had to dominate and humiliate him. This was because they did not want to associate with such a person. They only wanted people who were strong both physically as well as mentally. He was forced to lick their saliva and he did it as the mistresses smoked and they even went ahead to threaten to make him a human ashtray but he complied.

Mistress Julia found out that her girlfriend had betrayed her and she was so pissed although she understood where her girlfriend was coming from. She felt that she had to do something in order to forgive her and she did so by forcing her to lick her spit as well as her feet and the soles of her shoes. The girlfriend was shocked by the turn of events but she did it all.

Madame Marissa and lady Nora liked their apartment but they did not like how their landlord hiked the rent suddenly. They were not happy about it but they chose not to contest it as they could afford. But to teach him a lesson, the mistresses chose to degrade the landlord by forcing him to lick their saliva as well as the soles of their high heel boots. They scared him and ensured he would never do such a thing again.

Queen Hanna was in one of those moods where she liked to do some crazy things to people who messed with her. And today she got an idea of making one of them do spit shots. So she spat into tiny cups and she then gave the guy to drink as if he was taking tequila shots. He was shocked but it did not matter as he had to do it.

Goddess Lena felt that she had been ignored for far too long and that her concerns were rarely addressed if ever. So she had to stand up for herself and teach this guy a lesson she was sure he would not forget in a long time. She turned him into a spit slave and she dominated him while smoking and describing what he did wrong. She wore high heels and she threatened to use them on him.

Mistress Sabryna felt like spitting on this guy and she did it. She did not need any other reason other than she wanted to do it. The guy was surprised at what happened to him and he tried to search his brain for what he had done to warrant that but he could not come up with anything. And when he asked her why she was spitting on him and making him lick and drink her saliva, she did not answer him.

This mistress was asked by her friend to show her how to deal with losers and she did it on these two slaves as her friend watched. She used girls spitting fetish to do it. She wore sneakers which were dirty and she forced the slaves to lick them clean. And then she asked her friend to give it a try and she loved it and knew she could also do it.

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