Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 29

Mistress Austria and her girlfriend were having a picnic when this guy came and tried to offer them unsolicited advise and company. The mistresses thanked him for both but declined his offer. Not one to take no for an answer, he persisted. But he soon found himself in hot soup and he had to endure the spit humiliation and punishment the mistresses gave to him. He was turned into a spit slave and made to swallow their saliva.

Mistress Jacky is a naughty redhead. She is hot and naughty at the same time. She prides in her ability to make guys do things that they had never thought of doing. Today she did not want to do something overly crazy so she asked this guy to lick her saliva and to swallow it and she made it look like a sexy thing and that it would turn her on. He did it but it did not turn her on. She just had fun at his expense.

Lady Stefanie likes to disgust guys for fun. She has a fetish for it and one of the best ways for her to do it is through her spit fetish. She knows many people do not like to see other people's saliva so she likes to drool at the most inconvenient times such as when guys are having a party or when they are eating and she always loves their reactions.

This loser thought he could con mistress Anfisa. She could tell what he was trying to do but because she was bored and she needed some excitement, she played along. She waited for the opportune moment and she lured him to her house and he gullibly went. She then turned on him, exposed his conmanship and she humiliated him by making him lick her saliva mixed with a chewed and trampled upon banana.

Lady Betty is a quiet person and she likes her home being quiet. But now that she had a new slave, she found out that her home was not the peaceful heaven she was used to. Her slave was loud and he was messy, something she did not like. She punished him using her cigarette as well as with her saliva. He was turned into a spit slave and into a living ashtray so that he would learn his lesson.

Mistress Karina wanted her slave to learn who the boss was. She felt he was crossing the line with the way he behaved and she wanted to show him who she was and why he needed to watch himself. She turned him into a human ashtray and spat into his mouth and ordered him to swallow it. The mistress then warned him that she would do worse if he did not change. He changed.

Mistress Lena came home early today and she did not have anything better to do. So she chose to dominate this loser for her own fun. Mistress Lena did not have anything against him as he had not messed up but she was bored and he was her ticket out of boredom so she made him lick her feet, her shoes and she used him as her human ashtray before she finally spat into his mouth. She did it all leisurely and enjoyed every minute of it.

Madame Marissa did not like how this loser boasted. She wanted to bring him down to earth. She did this by dominating the loser using her spit as well as her boots. She spat on the soles of her boots, which were dirty, to begin with, and she forced him to lick the soles clean. He was shocked at what he was asked to do but he knew there was no way out.

Mistress Anfisa could not believe what she had seen. She had caught her slave with her enemy and she now began to understand some of the weird things she had noticed about her slave. He was clearly working for her enemy and was feeding him info about her. She chose to play him so she made sure they did not see her. Today she dominated the slave every with saliva, which he was required to drink. She used a different degrading method until the slave quit.

Lady Amy felt nauseous and as such, she had a lot of saliva in her mouth. She was bored of spitting it out all the time so she chose to make her slave drink it. She wanted to have a little fun at his expense as opposed to being moody and miserable all through. So she spat into a glass until it was almost half full and added a little bit of candy to it. She then watched as he drank it.

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