Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 4

When this mistress was disappointed with her boyfriend, she felt that keeping quiet would not work and was not good for her since it would make him feel emboldened. So the mistress went out of her way to find an appropriate way to punish him. She did this by forcing him to endure her spits. She spat on his face and he was shocked but she did not let him recover from it. She continued humiliating him.

Lady Luisa knows that for her to get what she wants from these losers, all she has to do is to make sure that they are scared of her. That is why she chose to spit on them in an effort to degrade them and then threaten them with unspecified consequences. The plan worked and the losers learned their lesson and as a result, they were scared of lady Luisa.

Goddess Gabriela does not like immature people and when this guy was one to her, she had to dominate him and humiliate him. She did not care what he felt and she knew that it was all up to him whether he was punished or humiliated again. She told him as much and she knew he had understood as she began seeing changes from him. She then let him go.

This Russian mistress loves to do crazy things and today was one such day for her as she turned her saliva into a tool to humiliate this guy. She did not really care what the guy felt and what he was going through. All that mattered to her was that she had humiliated him as well as degraded him. And after spitting on him, the mistress achieved what she wanted.

Mistress Kira and mistress Cassandra ganged up on this girl and they degraded her for the way in which she had been behaving. She had some bad manners and she had to be tamed. The mistresses stripped her naked and they trampled her besides having her lick their smelly feet. As if that is not enough, the mistresses had her open her mouth and they spat into it for fun.

Lady Naomi wanted to ass fuck this guy but she did not want to use lube. The guy owed her money and she did not want to spend anymore on him. And she was primarily ass fucking him as punishment. So she used saliva as lube and she was able to ass fuck him painfully and get him to realize that he had to pay back her money sooner to avoid such kinds of treatment.

When this mistress realized that her slave did not clean her mirrors as well as she expected them to be cleaned, she knew it was time to punish the guy and to make sure that he learned never to piss her off again. So she took that chance to spit on the mirrors and she had him lick them clean. He was humiliated but the message was home for him.

Mistress Zephy sat on this guy's stomach and she also played with his dick for her own fun and enjoyment. The mistress took advantage of what he felt as she did so to make him lick her bare feet as well as swallow her saliva. She acted as if she was being naughty and kinky when in fact all she was doing was having fun at the expense of the guy.

These mistresses are hot and naughty. And they love to use their sexy bodies and their naughtiness to dominate and humiliate guys for fun. This guy did not know that about them and he took the bait. The mistresses had a great time turning him into a spit slave. They had him smell their asses and their pussies through their thongs and he was also able to check out their tits but the result was him swallowing their saliva.

This mistress wanted her slave to learn never to piss her off and to do that, she had him lick her saliva as well as lick her boots. He did those separately and when he was done with that, she made him lick saliva from her boots and especially her soles. He learned that she was not to be messed with as he would regret it if that ever happened.

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