Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 11

This guy thought that just because he was handsome, he could say whatever he wanted and do whatever he wanted and get away with it. He had gotten away with it before but not with her. She was equally beautiful and she never settled for less. So when this guy tried to treat her like a whore, she had to show him she was not one and she did it by spitting on him while he was naked and kicking him in the balls. He did not even get any sex from her.

Mistress Jane, mistress Rada and mistress Bianca were paid to beat this girl up and they did not disappoint. She had made some serious mistakes and she had to pay for them. The mistresses made sure that they cruelly trampled her, spat on her and they even went ahead to make her lick their muddy boots. Before the sadistic mistresses were with her, they gagged her then let her go.

Mistress Julia does not like to like weak people and that is why she chose to use her spit and trampling fetish to degrade and dominate her. The mistress made the poor girl lick and suck her toes before went on to have her armpits licked as well as toes sucked. The guy regretted wat he had done and concentrated on begging for mercy as he knew that mistress could let him go and give him one more chance.

This guy was clearly not a snitch as these mistresses found out. The guy refused any sort of inducement to work with the mistress and so she used her spit to get to him and to dominate him. That is why she chose to invite her friends to help her dominate him which she did. The mistresses spat on him and they also crushed and trampled him until she talked and told them the secrets he kept.

This mistress had smelly shoes and smelly feet. She opted to use them to dominate this guy and she did it by ordering the guy to lick her feet as well as to suck her toes. The guy thought it was done but he realized that it was not and she choked him with her bare feet and her bare hands. The bare feet were to choke his neck and crush his throat while also spitting on him.

Mistress Lena wanted to spit on this perverted guy and she did. But that was not the only thing she did. Instead, the mistress also went ahead to force this guy to lick her bare feet too. The mistress did it slowly for maximum impact and she enjoyed watching the guy be defeated and beg her for mercy. But she was done with him and he changed for the better.

This guy had his eyes on this mistress and when he realized that she did not feel him, he started to stalk her. But she did not want anything to do with him and she was even more angered when she realized that he was stalking her. So she cruelly degraded him with her spit fetish and ensured he would never stalk her again. He had to lick her saliva and her sweaty feet to get the message.

When mistress Jane and mistress Betty realized that this girl was flirting with their men, they had to dominate her and they did so using their spit. She was turned into a spit slave and she had to lick their saliva and also be their human ashtrays as they wanted her to feel a little pain in the process. She did everything that they wanted because she knew refusal would anger them more.

Lady Stefanie had to degrade this guy to send a message to him and those who are like him that she does not entertain people committing wrongs on purpose. And that if anyone does that, he or she would be punished. So the mistress went ahead to make an example of the guy by spitting on him as well as cruelly turning the guy into a human ashtray before she finished her punishment.

This guy was a coward and these mistresses had to dominate and humiliate him. This was because they did not want to associate with such a person. They only wanted people who were strong both physically as well as mentally. He was forced to lick their saliva and he did it as the mistresses smoked and they even went ahead to threaten to make him a human ashtray but he complied.

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