Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 103

Mistress Jessica has bound up her slave on her bed. Now he is delivered to her and she can do whatever she wants to him. First she makes him smell her stinky worn out shoes. After that he is forced to lick her pantyhosed feet and in the end she simply spits into his mouth.

Mistress Melissa brushes her sexy white teeth. She uses a tooth brush and toothpaste and starts to brush them. She takes some time to make them look really great. After she is done she needs to spit out the white cream inside her mouth - and that's your keyword: She gives you a sign and you open up your slave mouth. Then she spits everything right into your mouth and commands you to swallow it all for her...

Mistress Katja has always new ideas to humiliate her slaves. This time she has trapped one of them under her sofa! Now she sits on it and makes it impossible for him to escape her. She spits on her shoes and soles and makes him lick up every bit. After he is done she rubs her bare feet all over his face to humiliate him some more.

Mistress Lady Cathy spits on the ground until a nice puddle occurs. Then she looks into the camera with a smile and tells you that she wants you to kneel down. After you did what she told the points on the puddle and commands you to lick up every bit of her juice...

Mistress Saya is sitting on a couch and spits on the floor and her brown boots. She rubs her shoes in the spit puddle until her shoe soles are covered with her saliva. She then lifts her legs and sticks her boots right into your direction - you know what that means! You'll now start licking the spit and dirt from her boot soles!

Goddess Tierra wants you to open your mouth wide so she can spit right into it. You will do that for your goddess, won't you? You can see her hot saliva dripping and running out of her hot mouth - all while she verbally humiliates you between the spitting!

23yo Heidi is a real goddess - and she knows that! She uses this pathetic boy who's totally into her to fulfill her humiliation fantasies! He has to go down on his knees in front of her so she can use his face as her foot stool while she's chatting with her friend who's holding the camera. Both girls already make fun of this guy - but suddenly Heidi starts to spit right into his face and the girls can't hold it anymore. They blast out laughing and verbally humiliate this guy even more!

Princess Sera just loves to degrade and humiliate men by spitting all over their faces. And today it's your turn to be spat on! She's standing right above you and spits down on you. Of course she can only laugh when she sees her spit running down your face! Just take a look in the mirror how pathetic you look!

Mistress Kitty loves the ultimate humiliation. In this clip you can get a taste of what it means to be her slave. She spits into that poor guys mouth and makes him eat her ashes. She kicks and busts his balls and face slaps him very often just to torture and punish him.

Mistress Jessy wears a gothic fishnet top combined with a short leather slit, leather boots and a sexy leather bra. Her slave lays on the ground as she kicks him and spits on his face to humiliate him. She loves doing that to him - that break down his ego...

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