Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 5

Missy Van Licks and her friends did not want a wild guy. But this one was and he had to be tamed and humiliated a little. That is why the mistresses opted to use their spit since it was the first time. He was made to lick their spit as well as swallow it before he was given a second chance and asked to do exactly what the mistresses wanted.

This guy nearly jeopardized this mistress's business interests because of his forgetfulness. She was pissed and did not want it to happen again so she had to do something to make sure he was not forgetful anymore. So she spat on him and she asked him to lick it as well as swallow it. He was shocked and scared at the same time and that is what drove him to change.

Miss Valentina is a hot girl. She has tattoos all over her body and she has a nice set of tits and ass. She knows how to flirt and to tease. That is what she did to this guy and she had his consent to spit on him. He let her do whatever she wanted to him. That is how she made him drink her spit as well as lick it and smear a little on his face

This mistress had beef with her ex over some of their joint assets. They had broken up but were having trouble with dividing them as they did not want to involve the courts. She felt she was fair to him but he was being petty. So she forced him to come back to his senses by spitting on him. As he licked and swallowed her saliva, he realized it was much easier to agree on things.

This mistress was not ok with how doubtful her boyfriend was. She did not feel like he had a positive mindset and that was a big deal for her. She asked him to change that but he did not. So she felt that the best way to deal with him was to force him to do so. He was spat on and he had to lick the spit and he had to swallow some of it.

This mistress was incensed by her slave's betrayal and she had to punish him. That is why she used her feet to slap him and she also trampled him. But that was not all as she was still mad at him. The mistress made him lick the soles of her shoes after she had spat on them. Before she let him go, he was used as a human ashtray too.

Mistress Jane and queen Hanna were chilling at home when it started raining. They had planned to go out but the rain was heavy and they did not want to be caught in the middle of it while outside the house. So they decided to wait for it to end but it did not. Stuck inside and bored, they started making fun of each other's boots and even spat on the boots for fun.

This guy was a paparazzi and he wanted to break news of these mistresses being lesbians. But mistress Kira, mistress Jucy and mistress Sofi felt that it was their private life and they could do whatever they wanted with it. He was intruding and he had to stop. When he did not, he had to be tamed. The mistresses spat on her to send a warning and warned of worse if he did not stop stalking.

This girl needed a job and she begged mistress Pamela and mistress Nicole to give her a job as a pool girl. They agreed and she did it well the first few weeks. But she started taking things for granted and they did not like that. They had to remind her that she had begged for the job. So they made her lick saliva while she was naked. They also trampled her and had her lick their feet.

Mistress Pamela wanted to punish this gardener. He was responsible for the maintenance of their gardens. They paid him well for it but he had not been taking his work seriously of late. He had to be reminded that it was not a favor he was doing them and they needed value for their money. So the mistresses got together and they not only scolded him, but they also spat on him and he had to lick and drink it.

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