Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting

Mistress Nicole found out that this guy had fucked her man and she did not like it. She felt that she had to teach her a lesson so that she did not go around fucking other people's men. So she used her boots to degrade her. She made her lick her dirty boots, eat dirt and even lick her saliva before she let her go. The girl was careful next time she slept with a man.

Princess Amira and princess Nikki found out that they were being played by the same guy and they did not like it. They had to teach the guy a lesson and that is why they resorted to slapping the shit out of him and spitting on him. He was also made to lick the soles of their heels before they trampled him with the same high heels. He never played anyone again.

Goddess Lena had a boyfriend who took a lot for granted and she felt that it had gotten to a point where she had to pronounce herself loudly and clearly. She lit her cigarette which was a surprise to him as he had never seen her smoke, and she dominated him with her spit fetish and her high heels. She spat on the soles and she ordered him to lick them.

Mistress Marta is a cruel person. There are no two ways about it. She likes to dominate and to humiliate people. And that is what she did to this guy today as she had him drink from where she had spat. The guy thought he was dreaming as she made him do his thing but he had no choice other than to do what the mistress wanted. She enjoyed herself and knew she had done the right thing.

Goddess Yokai was so interested in what this guy had to say. He sounded as knowledgeable on what she was interested in but she got disappointed in him and she forced him to lick her boots and her spit so as to regain his train of thought once he lost it because it was not easy for her to go back to what he had been saying previously. Even the humiliation did not quite work.

This mistress had to get this guy to change his ways no matter what he wanted and how he wanted it. The mistress felt that it was easier to do that to him if she humiliated him and that is why she spat on his food before she asked him to eat it. Then she sat back and watched as he struggled to eat the food she had spat on and dropped saliva on as well.

Mistress Yokai felt that this guy's misrepresentation of facts was actually lying and so he had to be forced to never do that again. That is why this mistress felt that the best thing for him to do was to was to lick her muddy boots. She added her saliva to the muddy boots for more humiliation and the guy was forced to do what the mistress had ordered him to do.

Madam Tulpan was in a good mood and she was having a great day when her husband spoiled and messed it all for her. She was so pissed at him that she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress chose to spit on him and have him lick some of her saliva from his boots and that is how he learned his lesson. And he never messed with her again.

Mistress Cat and madame Svea wanted to train their friend lady Stefanie on the art of spitting. They had managed to convince her how good spit fetish was and now they had to show her how to be a pro at it. So they demonstrated how she could do it and then they gave her a chance to do it. Once she got the hang of it, she was allowed to try it on a loser.

This mistress was ready to fuck this guy but he spoke too much and he ruined the mood. They were both naked but instead of appreciating the beauty of her firm tits and her petite body, he talked until she was turned off. The mistress spat on the poor guy and she ensured he licked all of her saliva and then she left him there and asked him never to contact her again.

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