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Goddess Jessica is a threat to any man's sanity. She knows how to use her feet and spit to drive men crazy. She enslaves them with her beauty and chains them to her with her spitting and foot femdom. She forces them to smell her feet through her socks. She then spits in their mouth, forcing them to swallow and like it. They love to drink her spit and smell her feet.

Mistress Lady Josie spits into her slaves mouth to humiliate him. She sits in his chest, slaps his face several times and opens it up very violently. Then she starts to spit in it over and over again. After his mouth is filled up with her delicious spit, he is commanded to swallow. She repeats this procedure many times and enjoys his devotion...

The saudi mistress lays on the chest of her slave as she slowly spits into his mouth. The saliva passes her beautiful lips in slow motion and drops on the slaves tongue. She laughs and wants him to swallow all of that slimy, nasty stuff for him. After he is done, she continues her evil game...

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