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Spitting on the floor is Stellina's thing. She likes to spit, step on it and then make her slaves or losers lick it

This mistress is a lesbian but guys want to bone her because she is hot. But she takes the chance to humiliate them with her spit

Spit is the weapon of choice for this mistress. She likes to use it to degrade her slaves and humiliate them for her fun

Miss Stefanie wants your saliva all over her new boots that loser like you got her. You are her slave in this spitting femdom. You must make every part shiny and clean. She is a cruel mistress and you have to follow her orders or else. She laughs at you and what you are willing to for her. Her dirty soles are calling your name and you must respond right away.

The Mistress is eating an ICE right in front of you. As she looks on you she decides to let you take part on her delicious ICE-CREAM, so she wants you to open up your little slave mouth and then she starts to let saliva run out her mouth. She wants you to lick it all up for her like a good little boy...

Mistress Lady Josie spits into her slaves mouth to humiliate him. She sits in his chest, slaps his face several times and opens it up very violently. Then she starts to spit in it over and over again. After his mouth is filled up with her delicious spit, he is commanded to swallow. She repeats this procedure many times and enjoys his devotion...

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