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Mistress Manon is an extreme person. In this clip she spits on her fist and beats you with it. Then she wants you to lick up her spit and after that she starts to spit on the ground. She also hits her perfect toes - of course she wants you to bend down on the ground to lick up the spit. You do as you are told to...

The Mistress is eating an ICE right in front of you. As she looks on you she decides to let you take part on her delicious ICE-CREAM, so she wants you to open up your little slave mouth and then she starts to let saliva run out her mouth. She wants you to lick it all up for her like a good little boy...

While Mandy is spitting on the ground, she gets a nice idea. Why don't spit on her shoes? As she does it she goes further: Why don't spit on her sweaty socks? As she goes on she finally asks herself: why not spitting on her bare and sexy feet? After doing it she smiles into the camera and asks you: Why not licking it up immediately?

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