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The sexy Saudi Mistress violently forces her slave to open up his pathetic mouth so he can swallow all of her royal spit. She starts to spit right into it, over and over again and laughs as the slave begins to swallow it all for her... She is really demanding and loves to humiliate her slaves.

The saudi mistress lays on the chest of her slave as she slowly spits into his mouth. The saliva passes her beautiful lips in slow motion and drops on the slaves tongue. She laughs and wants him to swallow all of that slimy, nasty stuff for him. After he is done, she continues her evil game...

The saudi Mistress has her slave trapped between her legs so he isn't able to move or free himself - now he has to take all the degradation and humiliation she has planned for him. First she violently opens his mouth and spits into it several times, then she makes him swallow it all. After that she enjoys to choke him until his head gets red.

Saudi Mistress Layla spits all over YOUR ugly face while she's talking to her girlfriend who's just laughing about you pathetic little spittoon - lying to their feet and getting spit all over!

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