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When Mistress Katja says she will feed her slave, she will feed her slaves. She pampers them so they don't have to be without her sweet spit. She takes their food and chews it for them. Rather than put it on a plate, she puts it in a dog food bowl so they can get all of her spit, not wasting a drop. She takes their wine and warms it in her mouth before spitting it in the bowl too.

Mistress Katja demands her man to stand up against the wall while she draws on his face with a black marker. As if he was not humiliated enough she forced spit right in his face repeatedly. He closes his eyes but she turns devilish and orders him to do as she says. He opens his mouth and drinks her spittoon. She laughs at his pitiful look.

Mistress Katja knows how to humiliate a boy. She bounds him to the toilet making him lie on the dirty ground. She spits into his mouth but he's trapped and can't escape. This spit slave will learn some respect, one drop at a time. This is Mistress Katja's favorite game. Treating boys like spittoons. But he likes it. Or at least he will learn to like it.

So you are Mistress Katja's spit slave now and she is not pleased with you. Can't you take her spitting attacks like a real man? Of cause not for you are just some loser who has to be broken by her. Now she spits at your face again and again until your obediently open your mouth and swallow her spit.

Mistress Katja prepares your slave tooth brush in this clip. She first cleans her sexy black pumps with it, and then she uses the toothbrush to clean the toilet bowl, its seat and also the ground in front of the toilet! The tooth brush becomes really dirty and looks disgusting! Next you can see her placing it at the basin and tells you that she expects you to use it...

Mistress Katja sits on her bound slave's chest and verbally humiliates him when she suddenly starts to spit right into his face and laughs. She continues to spit huge loads into his face and loves how he's disgusted by it. She even takes her chewing gum out of her mouth, puts it under her shoe sole, grinds it on the dirty floor and then makes him lick it from her shoe sole!

Mistress Katja has always new ideas to humiliate her slaves. This time she has trapped one of them under her sofa! Now she sits on it and makes it impossible for him to escape her. She spits on her shoes and soles and makes him lick up every bit. After he is done she rubs her bare feet all over his face to humiliate him some more.

Mistress Lady Katja walks all over her slave while she wears her sexy silver pumps. His hands are cuffed and she makes him lick and worship her heels and soles with his tongue. After that she removes her sexy shoes to trample the slave bare foot. She also makes him kiss and worship her sexy feet...

Mistress Katja examines one of her detainees. She wants the truth and no matter what it costs she will violently get it out of this sick loser! She humiliates him, slaps him, reduces his breathings and spits on his face several times. The slave-detainee has given up but Mistress Katja continues her cruel game by forcing him to lick her perfect feet...

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