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These sexy three mistresses are teaching their teacher about respect as they tie him to a chair and blindfold him. They start out spitting into his mouth and all over his face making him swallow their spit. They then take turns kicking him all over and even lick up their feet and shove them into his mouth and makes him lick their shoes as they shove them into his open mouth.

Mistress Katja demands her man to stand up against the wall while she draws on his face with a black marker. As if he was not humiliated enough she forced spit right in his face repeatedly. He closes his eyes but she turns devilish and orders him to do as she says. He opens his mouth and drinks her spittoon. She laughs at his pitiful look.

Lady Jas uses many different techniques to train her slaves. This time she brainwashes one of them and makes him suck and drink her spit. She opens his mouth violently and enjoys having him swallow her spit. She lets the saliva run out her mouth very slowly and grabs his hairs as he didn't act fast enough.

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