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When Mistress Katja says she will feed her slave, she will feed her slaves. She pampers them so they don't have to be without her sweet spit. She takes their food and chews it for them. Rather than put it on a plate, she puts it in a dog food bowl so they can get all of her spit, not wasting a drop. She takes their wine and warms it in her mouth before spitting it in the bowl too.

Sunny sits on the chest of her spit cuckold. She slaps his face and humiliates her slave! She really enjoys torture him like that. Once he has been her husband, now he is just one little worm who serves her every day. She enjoys having her ex-husband drinking and swallowing her spit...

Mistress Lady Kitty loves to humiliate her slaves really hard - in this clip she is outside with one of them. He kneels in front of her while it's raining and she slaps him very hard. She also spits directly into his face and makes him swallow her delicious spit, drop by drop. He follows as good as possible but she enjoys slapping him too much...

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