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Tough looking Lady Cathy is standing outside smoking on a cigarette when she has a sudden urge to spit all over the sidewalk. She works up enough spit and makes a pattern with her saliva right by her sneakers. She wished that a spit slave was here so she can watch it slide down their face but she will settle for the concrete for now.

Lady Cathy is a big beautiful woman who is very comfortable with herself. She is flaunting her new bra and panty set when an old friend comes to visit. She pushes her leather couch on his chest and sits her big ass on it and starts to spit in his face until his whole face is covered with her saliva. Her full weight crushes his chest under her.

Mistress Cathy slaps her slave girl on the toilet. She has done a bad job and now it's time to punish her. She makes her kneel down on the ground where she can easily spit right into her slave girls face, over and over again. She doesn't stop until her face is all covered by her spit!

Mistress Lady Cathy spits on the ground until a nice puddle occurs. Then she looks into the camera with a smile and tells you that she wants you to kneel down. After you did what she told the points on the puddle and commands you to lick up every bit of her juice...

Cathy stands right in front of you and humiliates you by telling you how sick and pathetic you are. You are just a spitbowl for her and she goes up to show you your new duties. She starts to spit on the ground a several times and after she's done and a nice spit puddle occurred, she commands you to kneel down, stick your tongue wide out and have all that nasty stuff licked up with JOY...

BBW Lady Cathy is bored. She hates to wait - but her slave is shopping for her and she needs to wait for him. She decided to prepare something for him while she sits there. She starts to spit on the ground and smears the soup all over the floor using the soles of her boots. As the slave arrived she commands him to lap it all up for her as punishment for taking too much time...

BBW Lady Cathy wants to see how far her slave goes for her. So she eats a Twix in front of you, chews a while and spits it out on the ground. Don't think she's done yet - she smiles, and grinds her sole over the chocolate until everything is a smashed muddy mass. She lifts her shoe and hold it directly in your face to make you eat and lick it up for her. The ultimate slave proof.

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