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Stellina likes her boots clean. Whenever they have even a speck of dirt, she spits on them and makes the slave lick them

She wants her slave to remember what her spit feels like while he is gone away. She has his credit cards to shop with so she doesn't care. She wants to do something nice for him so she made spit movies and pics for him. She was happy to spit all over her shoes. She let him see the long strands of spit hang from her lips. She knows that it will turn him on and she was going to get something really nice and expensive as a thank you.

Adorable spitting slut Dominica sits on her black couch with her big boobs and sexy short shorts. She just got some new black high heel boots that come all the way up to her knee. She gets a mouthful of spit and lets it drip out of her mouth and run down the side of her boots. She loves to watch her white spit dribble down her dark black boots.

After a long day, she needs some relief. She walks in the door and kicks her slave in the balls. As he is falling, she spits in his face. She demands that he lay on the floor and she takes her black boots off. She puts her feet in his face as she sits down. That's not quite enough so she spits in his mouth because she wants to. She knows that it's not his fault but after few minutes, she feels better.

This hot brunette babe has some big tits and you get to get a good look at them while she is in her red lingerie. She is wearing some huge leather boots with some massive heels. They have buckles they go all the way up the side, so you can only how badly she could punish and humiliate you with these boots. She spits all over them and lets you watch the spit slide down.

This sexy hottie is showing off her nice round ass in some really tight shorts. She is also wearing some big black boots that have some sharp heels on them. The tall heels really make her legs look just that much more sexy. She begins to spit down the side of her boots, covering them in her warm spit as they slide down her legs. She wants you to be her spit slave and lick it.

Mistress Antonia loves smoking and then spitting in her spit slaves mouth, she also loves the fact that it humiliates him as well. She loves pinning her spit slaves down with her black high heel boots using him as her own personal spittoon. She can't get enough of her spit swallowing slaves this spitting Femdom knows how to punish her slaves and will make you watch every minute of it.

After this very sexy young woman notices you watching or better - staring at her perfect jeans ass, she blackmails you: if you will not lick up her spit from her shoes, she will cry out loud and lie that you have been touching her without permission. As you realize the trouble you are in, you bow down to do what she said, unknowing that this wouldn't be the last performed command...

Hey you little pathetic worm - get over here right now. I want you to do something for me because Im bored and I could need a bit entertainment. So get your silly ass over here. I'm going to spit on my leather boots and guess what I want you to do then? Right - good girl! You will clean up this mess with your tongue sissy. Ready to start???

BBW Lady Cathy is bored. She hates to wait - but her slave is shopping for her and she needs to wait for him. She decided to prepare something for him while she sits there. She starts to spit on the ground and smears the soup all over the floor using the soles of her boots. As the slave arrived she commands him to lap it all up for her as punishment for taking too much time...

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