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Stella is in her training to be a good foot femdom by Samantha. Today the two of them are having a lot of fun with the worthless loser on the floor. They put their dirty and sweaty socks over his mouth and nose before taking them off. They then order him to lick their salty feet and even take pictures of his humiliation. Finally the two get even more cocky and start to spit on his face and into his mouth. He has to swallow their sweet spit.

Spoiled Lady Melissa is bored and wants to a new human spit bowl. She has chosen you, you loser. So lie down at her feet and what she gives to you obediently. Your sexy Blond mistress will spit at your pathetic face. Open your mouth wide! She lets her spit drop down into it and orders you to swallow. Again and again you will take the sweet torture for she knows how much you like to be humiliated like this.

Sexy blond Jane spits at you again and again. While you worthless loser lie at her feet she has a lot of fun by verbally humiliating you and let her sweet spit drop down on your face and into your wide open mouth. Her gorgeous body moves above you while you endure her games. Do you want to be cute Jane's spitting slave?

Mistress Katja sits on her bound slave's chest and verbally humiliates him when she suddenly starts to spit right into his face and laughs. She continues to spit huge loads into his face and loves how he's disgusted by it. She even takes her chewing gum out of her mouth, puts it under her shoe sole, grinds it on the dirty floor and then makes him lick it from her shoe sole!

Mistress Bridgette uses this guy as her personal sink! She brushes her sexy white teeth and then she spits all the white cream right into his mouth! She smiles and also tortures him a bit by kicking and busting his balls with her sexy black pumps. Then she makes him eat snot and rewards him with some heavy face slaps...

The Money Sisters have dirty boots after they were walking outside in a park. Now it's time to make their slave clean them. They both call out for him and as he arrives they first need to torture him a bit. Then he is introduced in his duty! They make him suck their dirty muddy heels and eat everything which sticks on his dirty tongue...

Mistress Mercedes spits on her stinky and well worn socks. She makes her slave lick and suck the spit out of the textile. After that she spits on her jeans shorts and again makes him lick the spit out. She loves humiliating him like that and continues her evil game. In the end he is made to swallow her spit directly from her mouth...

23yo Heidi is a real goddess - and she knows that! She uses this pathetic boy who's totally into her to fulfill her humiliation fantasies! He has to go down on his knees in front of her so she can use his face as her foot stool while she's chatting with her friend who's holding the camera. Both girls already make fun of this guy - but suddenly Heidi starts to spit right into his face and the girls can't hold it anymore. They blast out laughing and verbally humiliate this guy even more!

Mistress Jessie's little pet is trained very well. Now it's time to show her new dog how to behave while eating. She puts his feeding bowl on the ground and fills it up with dog food. She also spits into it and now he is made to bend over to eat the slimy meat.

Sexy mistress Kim smokes her cigarette right in front of you. She smiles and keeps breathing in and out with great pleasure. In between she always spits on the ground until a big puddle of saliva appears. Next she rubs it all around and tells you to come closer, she wants you to lick it up for her...

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