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Madame Marissa did not like how this loser boasted. She wanted to bring him down to earth. She did this by dominating the loser using her spit as well as her boots. She spat on the soles of her boots, which were dirty, to begin with, and she forced him to lick the soles clean. He was shocked at what he was asked to do but he knew there was no way out.

Lady Amy felt nauseous and as such, she had a lot of saliva in her mouth. She was bored of spitting it out all the time so she chose to make her slave drink it. She wanted to have a little fun at his expense as opposed to being moody and miserable all through. So she spat into a glass until it was almost half full and added a little bit of candy to it. She then watched as he drank it.

Baroness Rubina wanted to get her share of the deal but this loser refused. She was pissed and she opted to teach him a lesson. The kind of lesson he had never been taught before but one which he needed to learn asap. She smoked and blew the smoke on his face and turned his mouth into her ashtray. She also spat into his mouth and made him swallow it.

Goddess Chanel loves to spit. She does it because she knows it is disgusting to a lot of people and she enjoys dominating and disgusting people for her own enjoyment. Today she did not just want to dominate and humiliate using her saliva. She also stepped on dirt with her sneakers and she spat on the soles before she asked this loser to lick them and made it clear to him that he had no choice.

Mistress Anfisa is a strict person. She likes to make sure that her presence is felt and that no one messes with her. This guy messed with her and he had no one else to blame for what befell him but himself. She used her saliva to punish him. She made him lick it from various surfaces where she spat on. She laughed at how degraded and humiliated he was.

Lady Betty was angered to find out that her slave had been faking being sick. He did not want to do the work she had given him and he was taking her for a ride. She got so pissed that she used degrading punishment methods. She spat on him and she got him to lick her saliva. She also choked him by sitting on his chest and on his neck.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane did not want their slave to continue with his perverted behavior. He had to be tamed and the mistresses knew it was high time he learned his lesson. So they started off slowly. The mistresses took small plastic cups and they spat into them. Then they made the slave lick the saliva as well as drink it. They told him it was up to him whether they did worse than things than that to him or not.

Mistress Natasha was offended by her neighbor and she did not want to take it lying down. She chose to humiliate him by spitting on him. She threw him down and she facesat on him before she spat into his mouth. She even brushed her teeth and then spat into his mouth and the poor guy had to swallow for him to be forgiven. The guy never offended her again.

Mistress Ava Black realized that this guy wanted to have a threesome with her and her friend and she was offended. She would not have fucked him even if he wanted her alone, but she took advantage of him wanting to fuck both of them to dominate him. She invited her friend and they laid a trap for him and when he took the bait, they enjoyed dominating him. They spat into his mouth and he swallowed it among other things.

This mistress loves to spit and she does it because she knows how disgusting and degrading it is. Whenever she is bored or she wants to torture someone, that is what she does. She chose to spit on her boots today and she got this loser to lick them. The poor guy had no choice but to endure the humiliation of being made to lick her dirty boots plus the spit on it.

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