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Beautiful tattooed redhead Mercedes just had an intense workout and all the snot is rattling in her chest. Her spit slave waits next to her sitting on the floor in anticipation of receiving her spit in his face. She coughs to loosen up her spit and gets a big wad of slimy spit in her mouth before spitting it out all over his face. This is her spit slave's only purpose.

Leana is a sexy brunette, especially whenever she is smoking on a hot cigarette. She inhales the cigarette, allowing the smoke to fill in her lungs. After she is done, she can feel a little bit of something in the back of her throat so she decides to hack it up. She clears her throat, collecting the snot and spit and then spitting it on the ground. She would love to have a spit slave come along and participate in some spit licking.

Yes loser that's what I want you to do - says the 22. year old princess Sabrina to her slave as he repeats her wish: You want me to lick and eat up your boogers and snot? - well you won't have much choice as a slave, girls are making the rules and if you don't follow you will lose them. So this slave does what he's told to and his mistress squeals in joy as she sees him obeying her commands...

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