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Madame Marissa came home from the farm and she found her slave was lazying around instead of being useful. She was pissed that she had toiled all day at the farm and he was just seated doing nothing. Her hunter boots were full of mud and she used them to punish him. She made him lick them till they were clean and told him she would not be lenient next time.

Nita has a date tonight and she doesn't want her slave to feel alone tonight. After getting dressed, she sits in the living room and spits on the bottom of her shoe and tells him to lick it. She wants him to have a piece of her in his mouth so that when he is tempted to misbehave, he knows he will have to answer to her. She loves watching him lick spit from her shoe.

Mistress Megan loves making her foot worshiping slaves drink her lovely spit drink when she's done making them lick her high heels. This cruel Mistress makes you beg to smell her bare feet and if you don't swallow her spit she makes the punishment a lot worse. Mistress Megan loves humiliating her slaves with financial domination by making you pay for her spit when she spits in a glass for your spit swallowing pleasure. Watch and do as your told or the punishment is yours.

Mistress Lea relaxes on her sun chair as one slave is kneeling in front of her. She makes him lick spit off her soles and swallow all those dirt and nasty stuff that stucks on them. After that he is forced to lay on the ground with his mouth opened up so that she can easily spit right into it...

Mistress Jessica has bound up her slave on her bed. Now he is delivered to her and she can do whatever she wants to him. First she makes him smell her stinky worn out shoes. After that he is forced to lick her pantyhosed feet and in the end she simply spits into his mouth.

The cute girls Jazee and Jenny don't look like they would every hurt or torture someone, don't you think? Well that's a wrong suggestion because those sadistic ladies love to make their slaves really disgusting things. In this clip her servant is made to lick the dirt from their shoes and right after that he is made to swallow their spit.

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