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It's not enough that this terrible brat rapes your wallet, now she also needs to humiliate you by turning you into her personal ashtray. She lights up a cigarette and starts to drop her ashes right into your mouth. After a while the cigarette is dead and now she heightens the level of humiliation by spitting into your mouth over and over again. What a bitch!

Nadine stands outside in front of her house. She knows that you are staring and spying at her - she knows that you are really crazy about her and that you are a very submissive pig. But she acts as if she wouldn't know you are hiding. She spits and the ground many times, rubs it with her shoes and keeps smoking her cigarette. Then as she is ready to leave she looks in your eyes and says: "I know you are watching me pervert, I expect you to lick up this mess after I'm leaving - did you understand?

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