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Mistress Marta is a cruel person. There are no two ways about it. She likes to dominate and to humiliate people. And that is what she did to this guy today as she had him drink from where she had spat. The guy thought he was dreaming as she made him do his thing but he had no choice other than to do what the mistress wanted. She enjoyed herself and knew she had done the right thing.

Mistress Marta knows how to turn guys on with her sexy body and her sexy charm. But when she does not want someone's advances, she knows how to turn them off too and that is what she did to this guy today. The mistress wanted to make this guy stop bothering her so she turned him off using her drool and her spit which she wanted him to lick. He ran away.

Mistress Marta loves to play with her spit. And being a hot as well as a naughty girl, it is not hard for her to make guys do it for her sake. And today she got this guy to lick her saliva after she had gotten him to think that it was what would make her horny. He did it hoping to fuck her but it never happened and the guy realized he had been played.

Mistress Marta noticed that this guy was infatuated with her and she had to make sure he was turned off. And so she used her spit to do it. She did not need to do much other than to play with her spit in his presence and it only took a few minutes for him to be turned off. And that is how she achieved her goal of turning him off.

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