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This spitting femdom loves when she has her spit slave get on his knees in front of her humiliating him as she commands him to open his mouth wide, she then begins spitting in his mouth creating a spit puddle until she commands him to swallow her saliva whole. She doesn't care if she spits on his face, she loves using him as her human spittoon she just laughs at his humiliation.

Mistress Lady Maria has her poor slave kneeling in front of her like he is told to. She commands him and makes fun of him as he kneels there - then she spits right into his faces and prepares a hot cocktail for her footsucker. It consists of hot acerb sauce. He is made and forced to drink and swallow it all...

Lifestylediva Maria has her very own spitpot. She orders her slave to kneel in front of her and open his mouth very wide. Then she simply lets huge amounts of spit drop into his mouth and of course commands him to swallow like a good spitbowl...

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