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When Kate decides to lessen her carbon footprint, she decides that her water use is what she will eliminate. She tells her slave that she will no longer waste water and that he will swallow her dirty water waste. When she brushes her teeth, she spits in his mouth. She forces him to swallow because it is good for him. She enjoys not wasting water. She enjoys forcing her slave to swallow things she wouldn't swallow herself.

Janas likes two things - spitting and trampling. She can do either, but she loves it when she does both at the same time. She took this slave and then forced him to lie down. While he was lying down, she trampled on his face with her bare feet and then enjoyed spitting on his face. She inflicted pain on him with her trampling, but she equally humiliated him with the spitting.

Mistress Bridgette uses this guy as her personal sink! She brushes her sexy white teeth and then she spits all the white cream right into his mouth! She smiles and also tortures him a bit by kicking and busting his balls with her sexy black pumps. Then she makes him eat snot and rewards him with some heavy face slaps...

Mistress Melissa brushes her sexy white teeth. She uses a tooth brush and toothpaste and starts to brush them. She takes some time to make them look really great. After she is done she needs to spit out the white cream inside her mouth - and that's your keyword: She gives you a sign and you open up your slave mouth. Then she spits everything right into your mouth and commands you to swallow it all for her...

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