Archive 8/2010 | Girls Spitting

All articles in archive 8/2010

Mistress Kitty loves the ultimate humiliation. In this clip you can get a taste of what it means to be her slave. She spits into that poor guys mouth and makes him eat her ashes. She kicks and busts his balls and face slaps him very often just to torture and punish him.

Mistress Jessy wears a gothic fishnet top combined with a short leather slit, leather boots and a sexy leather bra. Her slave lays on the ground as she kicks him and spits on his face to humiliate him. She loves doing that to him - that break down his ego...

Yes, that little bug is my new slave and every little slave needs a special introduction to be able to stay in my slave stable! This one needs extra attention because he is definitely one of those guys who think with their penis. But I will sure take care of him. I lotion up his face with my magic spit until his ego is broken...

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