Girls Spitting - All about beautiful girls spitting - Page 32

While Mandy is spitting on the ground, she gets a nice idea. Why don't spit on her shoes? As she does it she goes further: Why don't spit on her sweaty socks? As she goes on she finally asks herself: why not spitting on her bare and sexy feet? After doing it she smiles into the camera and asks you: Why not licking it up immediately?

BBW Lady Cathy wants to see how far her slave goes for her. So she eats a Twix in front of you, chews a while and spits it out on the ground. Don't think she's done yet - she smiles, and grinds her sole over the chocolate until everything is a smashed muddy mass. She lifts her shoe and hold it directly in your face to make you eat and lick it up for her. The ultimate slave proof.

Lady Mistery spits into a glass for you. She want to reward you for being such a good and usable paybitch. Now she holds the glass in front of your face and laughs about you as she notices your stiffy in your pants! She commands you to drink her spit and humiliates you by telling you that you are pathetic because it turns you on to drink a girls spit...

Sexy girl Olga from Russia spits on the floor right in front of her sexy black high heels. She knows you can't resist a girl like her and wants you to lick her spit from the floor!

Lifestylediva Maria has her very own spitpot. She orders her slave to kneel in front of her and open his mouth very wide. Then she simply lets huge amounts of spit drop into his mouth and of course commands him to swallow like a good spitbowl...

Lady Leyomi loves to show off her sexy lipps! This one is a pov close-up clip featuring her red juicy lips and tongue. She spits and lets it all flow out of her mouth while she moves her tongue... The perfect clip for any Mouth-Spit fetishist...

The twins Anna and Kathy use a male slave as their spittoon. The slave is lying on the couch and with these hotties holding him down he can't do anything but open his mouth and swallow the massive loads of spit they want him to swallow! In the end they even force him to eat a chewed bubble gum while they continue to spit all over his face!

This BBW mistress spits on the floor for you and rubs her hot Puma sneakers in her spit - now comes your part! You'll lick every tiny bit of spit from the ground and clean her shoes with your tongue afterwards! You'll do it good, you don't want to get this big girl angry with you, do you?

These two awesome girls from Poland spit right on YOU! Yes, you! You can see them spitting from the top and hear the noise their spit makes. They won't stop until your whole face is covered with spit!

Gothic lady Lilu spits in the mouth of her handcuffed slave. He has to swallow all of her spit or she'll think of something even more humiliating to punish him next time!

Brat girl Anna takes you on a walk trough the woods. She's wearing tight jeans and black boots and of course she noticed you starring at her boots. She starts to spit on the wooden floor of the observation tower and rubs her boots in her own spit - now comes your part - you'll lick it from her boots!

Goddess GG thinks a loser like yourself doesn't deserve more from a goddess like her than her divine saliva. She'll prepare a whole glass for you to drink - you're happy to have such a big-hearted mistress, aren't you?

You want to see hot mistress Juely spitting? Well there's only one way for her - to spit right into your fucking face! That's not what you expected? Well that's the way your mistress wants it!

Gorgeous mistress Xenia wants to humiliate her stupid slave. She starts by spitting all over his face and into his mouth but this isn't enough! She spits on the floor and rubs her sexy red high heels in her spit - now the slave will lick the spit - from the floor and from her shoes!

Mercedes Rubino spits into the toilet and you can see her sexy spit floating in the toilet bowl. Now this sexy chick wants you to drink her spit mixed with the toilet water!

Gina Blonde has her slave's head in a powerful leg-lock and forces him to open his mouth so she can spit into it. She drops huge loads of her divine saliva into his slave mouth and of course she forces him to swallow all of it in the end.

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