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Madame Marissa likes her kitchen kept very clean. She came home and found her slave had not done the dishes and she was mad about it. She made her slave clean them and when he was done, she punished him. She made him lick the soles of her shoes and she also spat on them for good measure and he licked the spit off her shoes as well. That taught him a lesson.

Princess Kate has a spit fetish. She enjoys using it to humiliate and degrade slaves and losers. Today she wanted to do it differently so she called her slave and she teased him a bit and flirted with him and told him all the things she wanted to do to him. The slave was turned on and on seeing that, the mistress made him jerk off according to her instructions. When he was done, she made him lick her saliva as thank you to her for what she had done.

Lady Suzanne is a mistress with a weird fetish. She likes her spit and enjoys playing with it. She does not make slaves lick it and use it to humiliate them like other mistresses do. She is comfortable playing with it on her own. She goes to the bathroom and watches herself in the mirror spitting. She sometimes licks her own spit and enjoys how disgusting it is. The more disgusting the better for her.

This mistress was mad at her boyfriend. She wanted to break up with him but he begged her not to. While she was thinking about it, she decided to have fun at his expense. She smoked and used him as her ashtray. She also blew smoke on his face and even spit on his face. She prohibited him from wiping it off and instead made him lick the spit on his face.

Avery has a spit fetish. She likes looking for different losers and then having fun at their expense. She spits on them and enjoys seeing them degraded

Kira was alone at home and she was bored. So she decided to start a game to keep her busy till she got company. She started to spit on the floor and then on her boots. She was surprised that it didn't disgust her and she longed to make her boyfriend lick it all or make a slave do it instead. She was so engrossed in it that she did not notice time fly by

There is no one who enjoys spitting and spit licking than Stella. Stella has a spit fetish, and she always indulges in it whenever she can. She likes to spit on whatever surface she can and then make a slave lick it. If the slave is not there, she has no problem licking it herself. That is how much this sexy mistress enjoys spitting and anything related to spitting.

Malou is a sexy mistress. She knows she's sexy and uses it to humiliate and embarrass those who seduce her. She likes to spit and she does that on her the floor or on the soles of her feet. She then orders her slave or one of her admirers to lick it and then swallow whatever he or she has licked. She enjoys nothing better than seeing their disgusted and humiliated faces.

Janas likes two things - spitting and trampling. She can do either, but she loves it when she does both at the same time. She took this slave and then forced him to lie down. While he was lying down, she trampled on his face with her bare feet and then enjoyed spitting on his face. She inflicted pain on him with her trampling, but she equally humiliated him with the spitting.

Dizzy and Malika wanted a new way to have fun. So they decided to each spit in a drink and then they drank the drinks with saliva and poured the drinks all over their bodies. Next they started to kiss each other and went down to each other's clirotis and gave each other cunnilingus. They both liked it so much that they knew that they would use it again and again

BBW Lady Cathy has something special for you--her spit, you slave! She lets it drip to the floor and rubs her boots in the spit puddle and now she's going to make you lick it from her soles and the floor. She loves to humiliate you and you love being her spit slave. So start spit licking before she punishes you with something more horrible.

Lady Cleo has lifted you little dirty and nasty secret - you are a weird sicko pathetic guy who likes to be dominated by young woman. But she will get out an advantage for herself. First she spits on the ground and then she commands you to get closer to her. After that she makes you lick up all the stuff right from the ground...

The Mistress is eating an ICE right in front of you. As she looks on you she decides to let you take part on her delicious ICE-CREAM, so she wants you to open up your little slave mouth and then she starts to let saliva run out her mouth. She wants you to lick it all up for her like a good little boy...

After this very sexy young woman notices you watching or better - staring at her perfect jeans ass, she blackmails you: if you will not lick up her spit from her shoes, she will cry out loud and lie that you have been touching her without permission. As you realize the trouble you are in, you bow down to do what she said, unknowing that this wouldn't be the last performed command...

Nadine stands outside in front of her house. She knows that you are staring and spying at her - she knows that you are really crazy about her and that you are a very submissive pig. But she acts as if she wouldn't know you are hiding. She spits and the ground many times, rubs it with her shoes and keeps smoking her cigarette. Then as she is ready to leave she looks in your eyes and says: "I know you are watching me pervert, I expect you to lick up this mess after I'm leaving - did you understand?

You are into humiliation and you totally love woman on top of men don't you? Of course you do. You would to everything never mind how disgusting it is, wouldn't you? You would even drink my spit - yes you heard right - my spit! What would you say if I would spit right into a basin and command you to lick it all up? Yes, that's a good boy - of course you would do it... Now wait until I have filled it up a bit...

Nadja is bored while she smokes a cigarette and sits on a bank outside in the garden of her house. She starts to spit on the ground. After she produced a little puddle of spit, she uses the soles of her sneakers to smear and smash it a bit. Then she proudly holds up her sneaker-soles and shows off the spit on them. Would you lick it up for her?

Jessica found out that you are a total weakling and that you love it to be dominated by another woman. She wants to ascertain herself about your secret pleasure as she invites you. Suddenly she starts to command you around - lastly she humiliates you by forcing you to become her spitbowl. She spits on the ground and smears it all up with the soles of her shoes. After that she holds it right into your face while she orders you to lick it all up...

Lady Mistery will totally humiliate you in this clip. She makes you look at her while she spits into a bottle. She tells you how disgusting you are and that you are a sicko pervert because you are turned on by thinking about swallowing her spit. She laughs and hold the bottle right in front of you and orders you to take it and swallow every drop of her spit...

BBW Lady Cathy wants to see how far her slave goes for her. So she eats a Twix in front of you, chews a while and spits it out on the ground. Don't think she's done yet - she smiles, and grinds her sole over the chocolate until everything is a smashed muddy mass. She lifts her shoe and hold it directly in your face to make you eat and lick it up for her. The ultimate slave proof.

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